Cisco VG204XM Analog Voice Gateway VoIP Phone Adapter


– Cisco VG204XM Analog Voice Gateway VoIP Phone Adapter

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– Cisco VG204XM Analog Voice Gateway VoIP Phone Adapter

Spec Details –

The Cisco VG204XM Analog Voice Gateways allow you to use your IP telephony solution with traditional analog devices while taking advantage of the productivity afforded by IP infrastructure.

The Cisco VG204XM is ideal for analog phone deployments ranging from centralized to sparsely concentrated or distributed topologies. These analog voice gateways provide a high level of availability at locations with MGCP fallback,with ease of manageability using Cisco IOS software monitoring features. They offer many supplementary analog calling features depending on the call control and signaling type used.

Key Selling Points

Cisco IOS software-based hardware

Robust voice quality

Investment protection

High availability

Reduced barrier to entry

Product Features

Cisco IOS software-based hardware

The hardware includes uniform Cisco command-line interface (CLI) and Simple Network Management Protocol Version 3 (SNMPv3) support for ease of gateway configuration and operation.

Robust voice quality

Cisco experience in providing toll-quality packet-voice service helps ensure that the Cisco VG204XM provides the clear,robust voice quality end users have come to expect from telephony services.

Investment protection

You can continue to use your existing analog phones,fax machines,and modems while taking advantage of IP telephony. Basic analog phone connectivity is needed when the infrastructure (wiring) or application does not support or require IP phones. The Cisco VG204XM is ideal platforms to support sparsely concentrated,distributed analog phone deployments. Thus you can deploy IP telephony without having to purchase IP phones for all users and you can continue using existing devices.

High availability

With these gateways you will experience less voice downtime due to WAN link failure. The Cisco VG204XM has built-in Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) failover to an H.323 connection to a Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) router.

Reduced barrier to entry

These analog phone gateways provide a low-cost alternative for low-end analog phones and allow you to take advantage of IP telephony with a lower overall IP telephony investment.

Product Specifications –

Product Description – : Cisco VG204XM Analog Voice Gateway – VoIP phone adapter

Device Type: VoIP phone adapter

Form Factor: External

RAM: 256 MB

Flash Memory: 128 MB

Data Link Protocol: Ethernet,Fast Ethernet

VoIP Protocols: MGCP,SCCP,SIP,H.323 v4,RTP,SRTP

Telephony Interfaces: 4 phone (FXS)

Power: AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz )

Dimensions (WxDxH): 22.38 cm x 20.65 cm x 4.52 cm

Weight: 1.351 kg

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