Black Ink Stamp Pad 158x90mm 419561 5 Star – 29782X

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Black Ink Stamp Pad 158x90mm 419561 5 Star – 29782X

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– Black Ink Stamp Pad 158x90mm 419561 5 Star

Foam pad, impregnated with ink
Sturdy plastic box
Reinkable with washable endorsing ink, see items 297935/297927/297943/297951
Size: 158x90mm
29782X Black

Product features for black ink stamp pad:
Housing made of ABS plastic material.
Pad inlay consisting of 2 layers:
• top layer made of a special developed textile fleece material which distributes colour perfectly and evenly to the surface and keeps permanently the right amount of ink at the upper surface of the pad
• lower layer made of special needled fleece which stores the ink in an optimal way (even when the pad is going to run out of ink)

Black Ink Stamp Pad Ink:
• High quality water based black ink with glycerin/glycol, providing excellent features in all climatic conditions for an excellect impression:
o crisp imprint and sharp impressions
o even ink distribution to the stamp
o rich ink coverage

Hazards identification:
• no special hazards

First aid measures for the black ink stamp pad:
• after contact with skin: wash with soap and plenty of water
• after contact with eyes: rinse thoroughly with plenty of water and seek medical advice
• after ingestion: drink plenty of water

Handling and storage:
• Advice on protection against fire and explosion: No special measures required
• Storage: Keep container tightly closed

Exposure controls / personel protection:
• Hand protection: no special measures required
• Eye protection: no special measures required

Stability and reactivity:
• Stable at conventional use, none harmful reactions known

Toxicological information:
• non toxic, free of heavy metals

Disposal considerations:
• Disposal in accordance with the regulations of the local authorities, as office waste.

Transport information:
• non-hazardous goods

Other information on the black stamp ink pad:
This information is based on our present state of knowledge.
It should not therefore be construed as guaranteeing specific properties of the products described or their suitability for a particular application.

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