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ASUS DSL-N17U Wireless Router – 3435041


ASUS DSL-N17U Wireless Router – 3435041

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– ASUS DSL-N17U Wireless Router

Spec Details –

The ASUS DSL-N17U ADSL/VDSL wireless modem router is stylish,truly multi-functional,and has reliable performance. It can connect to the internet using either the Ethernet or DSL WAN (Wide Area Network) ports,allowing customers to use it as a either a modem router or a standalone wireless router. Compatible with ADSL2/2 ,ADSL,VDSL2,fiber and cable services.

Equipped with powerful hardware NAT acceleration and built-in Gigabit Ethernet,the DSL-N17U gives you full Gigabit internet performance,with a WAN-to-LAN throughput performance of over 900 Mbps.

Two USB 2.0 ports allow the DSL-N17U to share printers and scanners over a network,and it can also operate as high-speed NAS (Network Attached Storage) device when external storage is connected.

The easy-to-use ASUSWRT graphical user interface unlocks the power of the DSL-N17U giving robust control to optimize your network for you. 30-second set-up and easy traffic management means even network newbies can enjoy its sophisticated features,while power users will love its Download Master,IPv6 support,multiple wireless SSIDs and secure VPN access.

Key Selling Points

Two WAN ports for DSL and Ethernet offer double the choice

Enhanced signal range and stability

Gigabit Internet browsing with hardware NAT

Add external storage, printers, and other devices to your network

Robust control and optimization with DSL ASUSWRT

Download and stream anywhere

VPN server and VPN client support

Product Features

Two WAN ports for DSL and Ethernet offer double the choice

The DSL-N17U has two WAN (Wide Area Network) ports,allowing it to be used as a standalone router when not operating as a DSL modem router. You can choose which mode suits your needs at any time,reducing cost and clutter by not having to buy separate power-consuming devices. Whether for a basic home setup or a full wireless network,this dual-WAN design gives you total flexibility.

Enhanced signal range and stability

ASUS AiRadar intelligently improves wireless connections using beamforming technology,and exclusive ASUS RF fine-tuning. This ensures extended coverage,dynamic data speed increases,and enhanced stability.

Gigabit Internet browsing with hardware NAT

Equipped with a powerful hardware NAT acceleration engine and built-in Gigabit Ethernet,the DSL-N17U gives you full Gigabit performance. Its WAN-to-LAN throughput performance is over 900 Mbps,which is more than 4.5 times that of traditional software-based NAT Gigabit routers. This reduces the possibility of bottlenecks on fast internet connections.

Add external storage,printers,and other devices to your network

Make DSL-N17U your media and device center. With built-in two USB ports,connect external storage drives,printers,scanners and many other USB-enabled devices to share with your networked PCs. Having your devices networked,lets you access them easier than ever before.

Robust control and optimization with DSL ASUSWRT

With the DSL-ASUSWRT dashboard UI,setup,monitor,and control network applications all in one intuitive area. The dashboard interface lets you manage all clients and settings via a single graphical interface,and provides 1-click updates.

Download and stream anywhere

Download Master and enhanced media server let you download and play multimedia files stored on router-attached USB storage on a wide range of compatible devices such as PC,pad,PS4,Xbox,and smart TV. Download Master can also download files while your PC is turned off,and allows you to manage and monitor download status remotely.

VPN server and VPN client support

DSL-N17U offers a simple VPN server and VPN client setup to access a home network or the internet privately and securely. Easily set up a VPN server with PPTP protocol support with no need for paid VPN services or a dedicated VPN server. DSL-N17U also turns your network-connected devices into VPN-enabled clients via PPTP and L2TP protocols without additional VPN software required.

What’s in the box


Network cable

Modem cable


Product Specifications –

Product Description – : ASUS DSL-N17U – wireless router – DSL modem – 802.11b/g/n – desktop

Device Type: Wireless router – DSL modem – 4-port switch (integrated)

Enclosure Type: Desktop

Digital Signaling Protocol: ADSL,ADSL2,ADSL2 ,VDSL2

Data Link Protocol: Ethernet,Fast Ethernet,Gigabit Ethernet,IEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11n

Frequency: Band 2.4 GHz

Data Transfer Rate: 300 Mbps

Capacity: Concurrent sessions:300000

Network / Transport Protocol: PPTP,L2TP,IPSec

Features: NAT support,VPN support,print server,IPv6 support,parental control,firmware upgradable,Virtual Protocol Interconnect (VPI),download client,event log,dual WAN connection,Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS),WAN failover,FTP server,Multiple SSID support,Digital Diagnostics,reset button,IPv4 support,3G/4G USB Dongle Support,Traffic Control,ASUS AiRadar,VPN Server,ASUS AiCloud,ASUSWRT

Compliant Standards: ANSI T1.413,IEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11n

Power: AC 120/230 V (50/60 Hz)

Dimensions (WxDxH): 14.7 cm x 20.5 cm x 6.6 cm

Weight: 370 g

System Requirements: Linux,Apple MacOS X,Microsoft Windows XP,Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 bits),Windows 8 (32/64 bits),Windows 8.1 (32/64 bits)

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