Compliment Slips + Headed Paper

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Compliment Slips

Carry on the theme of your business card and headed paper with a compliment slip to carry through a strong branding message.

At SwiftSupplies we offer a DL size compliment slip as standard but also print in A5 and on a choices of finishes and colours.

Using compliment slips will give that definite edge over digital communication and makes your customers or clients feel valued and appreciated.

Headed Paper

At SwiftSupplies we can work with you to design a good quality headed paper to use for your company or organisation.

A letterhead or headed paper usually consists of a name and address and a logo or corporate design. These pre printed letterheads can then be printed on a regular inkjet printer or a laser printer or simple written on. Letterheads are used to make a good impression when receiving documentation or letters and are regularly used as evidence of authenticity. Allow us at SwiftSupplies to print your letterheads to the best quality at the lowest prices.

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