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Customisable card shop section…

At SwiftSupplies we have a customisable card shop section; for Birthday CardsChristmas CardsMass Cards or for any occasion. We can customise cards for any occasion.

You design your card at home and bring in store for quick service from our professional team.

For those who take their events seriously they send personalised thank you cards after a event, at Christmas may send friends and relations customised cards with a family photo or after a communion or confirmation send a personalised card with photographs of that special day to friends or family. So whether a birthday, wedding, Christmas, thank you, company launch or event, at SwiftSupplies we will customise, design and print a card to your requirement.

Mass Cards…

We work respectfully and professionally…

When a loved one passes away, the normal tradition is for the family to produce a Mass Card(s) to pass it on in remembrance of the deceased to their family and friends.

We work respectfully and professionally to produce the right mass card for the family and will usually print a mass card in a custom size and laminate the product so that it lasts. 

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Your invitation sets the tone for your event. Posting a nicely printed invite sets your event out from the rest. Who wants another nondescript text, email or app invite?

Be it a wedding, communion, confirmation or birthday it is always best to send a invitation. We can print and personalise your invite on an assortment of finishes, be that paper, card, A5, A6 or a custom size and we offer a large choice of colours for the perfect invitation.

Traditionally invites go out to events six to eight weeks before the event. Let SwiftSupplies work with you to create the correct invitation.


SwiftSupplies can print your logo or company details on a customised envelope of your choice. Be that a return address on the envelope or a custom printed wedding invitation envelope. You choose the size and colour of the envelope.

Think about it.

Do you remember the last postage envelope that arrived to your door that was pre-printed?

We do.

Customised envelopes work and make a great impact for your business, event or campaign. We also sell a huge range of plain or blank size envelopes, DL, C7, C6, C5, C4, C3, C3 and custom size colour envelopes with our without different finishes. Check out our Online Web-store – Envelopes Section – – to browse some of our envelope ranges.

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Cards, Invitations, Customised Envelopes

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